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Become a Cosponsor of the Bipartisan Early Detection to Stop Infant Abuse and Prevention Fatalities Act

Endorsing Organizations: American Academy of Pediatrics, American Family Children’s Hospital, Child Advocacy Centers of Wisconsin, Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Marshfield Clinic,
Medical College of Wisconsin and UW Health, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Dear Colleague:

We urge you to support child abuse and fatality prevention efforts by singing onto the bipartisan Early Detection to Stop Infant Abuse and Prevention Fatalities Act (HR 2076) as a cosponsor.

According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, an estimated 1,720 children, 50 percent of whom were younger than a year old, died from abuse or neglect in the United States in Fiscal Year 2017. Often times, infants show what appear to be
minor bruises or intraoral injuries that are actually indicators of abuse or neglect. Such injuries often go overlooked by medical providers, mandatory reporters, family caregivers, and child welfare professionals because they seem minor. In reality, infants
under one are physically unable to sustain these injuries on their own. Multiple studies have found that these injuries are actually reliable indicators of potential abuse or neglect.

The Early Detection to Stop Infant Abuse and Prevention Fatalities Act would help prevent infant abuse and fatalities by helping to increase proper identification of, and response to, such injuries. The Act would establish a demonstration program at the
Department of Health and Human Services to:

  • Increase understanding of the significance of such injuries among health professionals, professionals caring for children, child protective services staff, other mandatory reporters, and the public.
  • Develop, implement, and expand training and best practices to assist medical professionals identifying, assessing, and responding to injuries indicative of potential abuse in infants,
  • Develop procedures and policies that improve communication and coordination between mandatory reporters and child protective services, and

If you have questions or would like to become a cosponsor of this bill, please email Alex Payne ( in Representative Kim Schrier’s office or Drew Hatter (
in Representative Steve Stivers’ office.



Kim Schrier, M.D.

Member of Congress

Steve Stivers

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