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Dear Colleague,

Rep. David McKinley is leading a letter to Speaker Pelosi requesting committee hearings and floor consideration of H. Res. 109 – the Green New Deal. The American people should know where their representatives stand on such a sweeping proposal. The Green
New Deal would have a significant impact on all aspects of American life.

The deadline to sign onto the letter is Wednesday, May 1st at 6:00pm. The text of the letter is copied below. Please contact Brian Garand ( or Amanda Hyman ( in Rep. McKinley’s office if your boss would
like to sign on or if you have any questions.

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

The Green New Deal (H. Res. 109) calls for a fundamental transformation of the American economy, from electric generation to transportation to agriculture. This sweeping proposal calls for a 10-year national mobilization for “a new national, social,
industrial, and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II.”

Numerous Democratic presidential candidates support the Green New Deal and the resolution has more than 90 cosponsors. Given the far-reaching impacts of the Green New Deal, it is imperative that every American knows where their representative stands
on this issue. As such, we urge you to encourage committees to hold hearings and bring the resolution to the floor for a vote.

The Green New Deal would have a significant impact on all aspects of American life. The resolution calls for decarbonizing entire sectors of the economy, including transportation, agriculture and manufacturing. The Green New Deal also calls for the following
to be provided for all people of the United States: job guarantees with paid vacation, universal health care, affordable and adequate housing, and economic security.

Preliminary estimates by the American Action Forum (AAF) have predicted it could cost as much as $93 trillion. With a proposal so sweeping, it is crucial that we have public and transparent debate on the full list of proposals. Americans would have the
opportunity to understand the effect the Green New Deal could have on our nation and economy.

The United States Senate has already held a vote where they rejected the Green New Deal with no votes in favor. The House of Representatives should take a vote to show the American people where their representatives stand. As such, the undersigned request
that Committees to which it has been referred hold hearings so that H. Res. 109 can be brought to the House floor expeditiously. Supporters of the Green New Deal should be willing to discuss the merits of the plan or vote on it.

Thank you for your attention to this request.


David B. McKinley, P.E.

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