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Save Wild Salmon!

Join the Congressional Wild Salmon Caucus



Dear Colleague,


As chairs of the Wild Salmon Caucus, we invite you to become a member. The Wild Salmon Caucus is a bipartisan coalition of members dedicated to conserving and restoring wild salmon populations in the United States. This year is the International Year of
the Salmon and to honor that the Caucus will be hosting a series of briefings. Join us as we celebrate wild salmon, highlight challenges, and work together to improve conditions for wild salmon populations.


Salmon populations have been gradually decreasing in many fisheries across the country. This decrease in population has severely impacted fishers, their families, and fishing communities. In fact, in recent years, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce has limited
or completely canceled the salmon fishing season in many areas. Some families have lost their homes, boats, and life savings. Also, recent developments, including the rise of farmed salmon, are posing many important challenges to the future sustainability
of wild salmon fisheries.


The Wild Salmon Caucus will work in a bipartisan manner to promote sustainable salmon fisheries by:

  • Working with experts in the field to educate colleagues,
  • Building support for policies that will advance the health and resiliency of wild salmon populations, and
  • Hosting a series of briefings to elevate salmon issues


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wild Salmon Caucus, please contact Annie Daly with Rep. Jared Huffman at or Mike DeFilippis at with Rep. Don Young.




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