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Endorsing Organizations: National Manufactured Homeowners Association, Manufactured Home Owners & Tenants Association of New Hampshire, All Parks Alliance for Change, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation and Prosperity

Dear Colleague,

Manufactured homes – traditionally referred to as mobile homes – are a vital aspect of our nation’s affordable housing stock for many working families, as well as the elderly and rural Americans.  In fact, more than 17 million Americans live in manufactured
homes across the country and are typically located in communities commonly known as mobile home parks.

While residents of these communities typically own their home, very often they do not own the land under their homes. This division of ownership has led to homeowners being displaced due to community closures. Eviction or closure of manufactured home communities
is very disruptive to residents. Residents may be unable to pay the thousands of dollars it takes to move their home, and many homes are unable to be moved. Even if a home could be relocated, it is very hard to find another location. These mobile homes are
in many cases not mobile and serve as the permanent residences of some of the lowest income homeowners in the country. 

In the past two decades, a national network of housing providers have helped residents purchase and manage these communities as a cooperative or a nonprofit-owned development in order to preserve this crucial source of affordable housing. These resident-owned
cooperatives have thrived, protecting thousands of homeowners from the threat of eviction, investing in critical communal infrastructure and facilities, all while building a sense of community among neighbors. While this model has thrived in states like Minnesota,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Washington, Montana, and Oregon, it still represents only a small portion of the sector. 

That is why I plan to introduce the Frank Adelmann Manufactured Housing Community Sustainability Act which builds on successful state models by creating a federal tax credit that would incentivize owners of manufactured home communities to sell to their
residents. This commonsense solution would go along way towards protecting this vital component of our nation’s affordable housing stock. 
To cosponsor, or if you have any questions, please contact Kelly Misselwitz at  Deadline for originals is May 7th.


Ilhan Omar 
Member of Congress


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