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invite you to cosponsor the INF Treaty Compliance Act of 2019 (
), which
prohibits the Administration from using taxpayer dollars for the testing, evaluation, procurement, or fielding of any missile prohibited under the
Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty


to a treaty negotiated by President Reagan and President Gorbachev, for over thirty years the United States and the Russian Federation have participated in the INF Treaty, banning the creation and deployment of land-based ballistic and cruise missiles capable
of carrying nuclear and conventional payloads that target within the ranges of 500-5500 kilometers (intermediate-range). This historic treaty was ratified in 1987 to reduce the potential for escalation of hostilities and the use of nuclear weapons. As you
know, the President unilaterally pulled the U.S. out of the INF Treaty, prompting Russia to withdraw.


out of the INF treaty will jumpstart a dangerous arms race, exacerbate the new Cold War with Russia, and undermine our national security and stability around the world. After abandoning the Iran Nuclear Deal and now the INF Treaty, this decision further damages
U.S. credibility, which is more important now than ever ahead of the second summit scheduled with Kim Jong Un to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.


must do all we can to effectively prevent an all-out arms race, and instead pursue a diplomatic path to strengthen and update the INF treaty. Withdrawing from the treaty altogether is dangerous and irresponsible. The consequences of brinksmanship are too severe
for us to bypass a measured diplomatic solution.


cosponsor or for any questions, please email Guido Weiss at  





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