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Dear Colleague,

This month, the Sultanate of Brunei instituted a brutal and draconian new Penal Code that would strip away the human rights of its citizens and strengthen the government’s authoritarian grip. The recently announced Penal Code revisions mandate the death
penalty for numerous offenses – among them adultery, consensual same-sex relations, blasphemy, and robbery. The Penal Code also introduces stoning as the means of execution for those who engage in same-sex or extramarital relations. The Sultanate’s plan also
authorizes flogging for women who have abortions and amputation for those accused of theft. Further, the Penal Code would criminalize exposure of Muslim children to beliefs and practices of any religion other than Islam.

These laws are anathema to our values as Americans, and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The new statutes will mark Brunei’s LGBT+ community for death simply for being who they are, and loving who they do. The United Nations has conducted
numerous studies that show women are more likely to be sentenced to death by stoning “due to deeply entrenched discrimination and stereotyping against them.” There are no exemptions in the code for children. People who are already vulnerable in society – LGBT+
people, women, children, and religious minorities – will be targeted and disproportionately suffer from these new laws. There are already reports of an exodus of LGBT+ refugees from Brunei. 

The United States has a duty to call out the blatant disregard for humanity and the violation of basic rights wherever we see them. This is why I am introducing the Brunei Sanctions Act, to use the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act to ensure
that any official who implements this draconian penal code is unable to travel to, or do business with, the United States. To join the resolution, please contact Ryan Morgan in my office (
The deadline for original cosponsors is April 29 COB.




Ilhan Omar

Member of Congress

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