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Dear Colleagues,

CRS will brief us on their recent report analyzing the effects that the introduction of electric vehicles will have on the automobile manufacturing industry.  Note this talk is open only to those with a congressional email address, i.e. members, staff, fellow,
interns.  Please
register here

Recent actions by automotive manufacturers indicate that they believe electric vehicles may account for a significant share of U.S. vehicle production in the near future.  Federal policies have supported electric vehicle and charging infrastructure development,
battery research funding, loans for battery manufacturers, and tax credits for purchasers of electric vehicles.

While the shift to electric vehicles may bring many benefits, it appears that it will adversely affect employment in automotive manufacturing. Transportation equipment currently accounts for a larger share of manufacturing employment than any other industry,
and the loss of jobs in vehicle and parts manufacturing could be significant for many communities. This briefing will explain why many auto-industry jobs are likely to disappear and discuss how workers and communities could deal with this change.  You can
find their report on the topic here:

The speakers are Congressional Research Service analysts

  • Bill Canis, specialist in industrial organization and business, and
  • David H. Bradley, specialist in labor policy. This briefing is open only to congressional staff.


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