Sending Office: Honorable Raja Krishnamoorthi
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Deadline: COB Friday, March 29

Current Signers: 
Carolyn B. Maloney,
A. Donald McEachin

Endorsed by: Vaccinate Your Family and the American Public Health Association

Dear Colleague,

Recently, there have been several outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases across the United States. For example, this year, a measles outbreak in New York infected more than 180 people. In Washington state, a similar measles outbreak has sickened 74 people
so far and has spread to other states. In Oregon, a child who did not receive his recommended tetanus vaccination spent two months in intensive care. Americans are once again suffering from diseases that vaccine use had mostly eliminated, including whooping
cough and tetanus.

One underlying factor causing these outbreaks has been the decision of some Americans not to vaccinate themselves or their children. This choice is often made after parents have been exposed to disinformation campaigns, often through online platforms, which
falsely suggest that vaccinating their children is unsafe.

To counter the spread of this vaccine disinformation and to increase the rate of vaccine acceptance, more research is needed. Please join to me in supporting the letter below, which calls on appropriators to direct the National Institutes of Health’s National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to conduct research on how to improve vaccine acceptance. This letter requests report language recommending that $10 million be spent on this critical research.

We hope that you will join us in supporting vaccine acceptance research. If you have any questions or would like to sign on, please contact Peter Sarasohn at or at 5-3711.


Raja Krishnamoorthi

Member of Congress