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Support Funding for America’s Next Stealth Bomber

Deadline: COB March 28



Dear Colleague,

As co-chairs of the Congressional Long Range Strike Caucus, we invite you to sign a letter to the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee requesting full funding for the B-21 Raider in Fiscal Year 2020.  

The Air Force bomber fleet provides a unique ability for the United States to rapidly strike any target in the world, an essential capability for deterring our enemies and reassuring our allies and partners. However, almost half of our current long range
strike aircraft pre-date the Cuban Missile Crisis, affecting our ability to operate, especially in potentially contested environments. Unfortunately, potential adversaries have developed sophisticated anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) capabilities that limit
the ability of legacy systems to project power. In fact, only the 20 B-2 Spirits can penetrate air defenses and survive in contested airspace.

Efforts to develop and procure a new generation of Air Force bombers, the B-21 Raider, are intrinsic to the conventional and nuclear national security apparatus. The Air Force plans to field at least 100 B-21 aircraft over the next several decades. Full
funding in fiscal year 2020 is critical to ensuring the program remains on track to deliver this critically-needed capability in the mid-2020s.  

To sign on to this important letter, please follow the
link here
Please contact Chrissi Lee in Congresswoman Hartzler’s office,, or Ian Staples in Congresswoman Susan Davis’ office,, with any questions.



Vicky Hartzler                    Susan A. Davis


Dear Chairman Visclosky and Ranking Member Calvert,

As you begin to work on the Fiscal Year 2020 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, we write in strong support of America’s next long-range stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider. We appreciate the committee’s strong support for this important program and ask
that you provide full funding for the B-21 in Fiscal Year 2020.

The ability to project power anywhere in the world is a cornerstone of our national security strategy.  For decades, our military has enjoyed this advantage. However, as our potential adversaries rapidly improve their military forces and air defenses, we
must modernize our military technology to maintain our strength and a credible deterrence.

The B-21 stands at the forefront of our modernization efforts, capable of employing in both conventional and nuclear roles. As you know, the majority of our bomber force dates back to the Eisenhower Administration and is growing increasingly more expensive
to maintain and operate. The cost to our national security is even greater; only the 20 B-2 Spirit bombers are able to operate in contested airspace.  As modern air defense systems proliferate, our ability to project power globally diminishes.

The B-21 Raider will address these challenges. It will be the world’s most advanced long-range strike bomber. B-21 will deter our adversaries and guarantee that America can defend its interests anywhere in the world, at any time.

As you know, bombers provide a unique capability of range, large payload, precision, and, in the case of the B-2, stealth. In many instances, a penetrating bomber strike is the most cost effective military option available to commanders. The 2018 National
Defense Strategy states that the Department of Defense “must be able to strike diverse targets inside adversary air and missile defense networks.” The B-21 will provide that capability.  Given the uncertain and dynamic global security challenges we face, it
is imperative the B-21 Raider remain on track. Accordingly, we urge you to fully fund the budget request for B-21 in Fiscal Year 2020. 

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