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We invite you to cosponsor the bipartisan Dairy and Sheep H-2A Visa Enhancement Act (H.R. 1778). Dairy farms are a critical part of rural economies across the country, but they continue to face significant challenges including navigating
our broken immigration system.

In 2018, our country lost more than 2,700 dairy farms due to sustained low farm milk prices, and many farms which endured remain on the brink of bankruptcy. Dairy farmers need more skilled, qualified workers to help run their operations, but are currently
unable to hire guest workers through the existing H-2A program. This unfair disparity restricts their access the labor pool that other farms use to run their businesses and makes it difficult for farmers to compete for labor.

H.R. 1778 would make a targeted fix to expand the H-2A visa program and allow temporary agricultural workers to work in the United States for an initial period of three years with an additional three-year extension period. This commonsense fix will help
dairy farmers access the resources and workforce they need to succeed.

For questions or to cosponsor, please email
(Brindisi) or
(Joyce).  Thank you for your consideration.




Anthony Brindisi                                                                               John Joyce

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