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Become a cosponsor of H.R. 658, the National Infrastructure Development Bank Act to innovatively finance critical infrastructure projects

Dear Colleague,

The American Society of Civil Engineers released the nation’s most recent infrastructure report card, concluding that the United States must invest $4.69 trillion by 2025 to bring U.S. infrastructure up to a state of good repair. The report card’s D+ rating
demonstrates the immense work we must undertake to repair our roads, bridges, railways, airports, water systems, and more.

Current programs across all levels of government do not have the resources to meet this infrastructure investment deficit, create jobs that cannot be outsourced, and provide the foundation our businesses need to compete and succeed.   Moreover, in order
to compete in a globalized economy, the United States must make long-term pro-growth investments in our transportation, energy, environmental and telecommunications infrastructure.

To meet this gap, I have proposed the establishment of a National Infrastructure Bank, to innovatively leverage private dollars and make objective merit-based investments in infrastructure projects of significance with clear economic, environmental and social
benefits. It would help finance a range of transportation, environmental projects, energy, and telecommunications projects.

A National Infrastructure Bank should be a core component of a national growth strategy to create good jobs and rebuild the U.S. economy.  Accordingly, join me in co-sponsoring the National Infrastructure Development Bank Act in the 116th Congress. 
For more information or to become a cosponsor, please contact Jenna Stanwood (DeLauro) by phone at 5-3661 or by email at   



Rosa DeLauro            
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