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Support Removal of ‘Dark Money’ Campaign Finance Riders in FY2020

Fight Back Against Undisclosed & Unaccountable Money in Politics

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**This is three report language requests**

Dear Colleague:

We are writing to request your support for the removal of three policy riders that wrongly promote undisclosed and unaccountable money in our political system. Specifically, the letter asks the Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee to exclude
three existing riders that block federal agencies from promulgating rules to require disclosure of certain political spending. Statutory language removing each of these riders was included in the recently passed For the People Act (H.R. 1).

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John P. Sarbanes

Member of Congress


Jason Crow

Member of Congress


Andy Levin 

Member of Congress


April XX, 2019



The Honorable Mike Quigley                                       The Honorable Tom Graves     

Chairman                                                                       Ranking Member

Committee on Appropriations                                       Committee on Appropriations

Subcommittee on Financial Services                             Subcommittee on Financial Services

and General Government                                               and General Government

House of Representatives                                               House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. 20515                                                Washington, D.C. 20515


Dear Chairman Quigley and Ranking Member Graves:

As you begin drafting the fiscal year 2020 Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Appropriation bill, I/we respectfully request that you exclude three existing policy riders that intentionally promote undisclosed and unaccountable money in our
political system.

In prior years, Congress has, through the appropriations process, placed funding restrictions on certain federal agencies that prevent them from promulgating rules designed to promote transparency in our democracy. Specifically, the most recent FY2019 appropriations
bill expressly prohibited the Securities Exchange Commission (Sec. 629), the Internal Revenue Service (Sec. 124) and Executive Branch broadly (Sec. 735) from spending any appropriated funds on efforts to increase transparency of political expenditures and
contributions. In effect, these prohibitions prevent these federal agencies from even considering measures, rulemakings and guidance that could provide the American electorate with greater information about who is spending money in their democracy. 

As we know all too well, Americans today view Congress and Washington with deep distrust and cynicism. Driving this doubt is the public’s belief that concentrated, dark money in politics has undue influence on our political system. In fact, a recent survey
found that Americans – from across the political spectrum – identified money in politics as the number one cause for dysfunction in Washington, D.C.  In the face of this reality, it would be foolish to perpetuate these ill-conceived policy riders, which have
been cynically advanced to shroud the political activity of some at the expense of the public interest.

For these reasons, we respectfully request you exclude any language identical or similar to Sec. 629, Sec. 124 and Sec. 735 of the FY2019 appropriations bill. Thank you for your consideration of these requests.




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