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Dear Colleague,

Please join the bipartisan Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Caucus in the 116th Congress.

A brief history on the creation of EOD and the EOD Caucus may better your understanding and thus bolster your support of these brave men and women who continuously risk their lives during each encounter with explosive weaponry. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal
was created as a reaction to the threat of unexploded bombs and mines in the early 1940s. It began with the School of Civilian Defense and the United States Naval Mine Disposal School which taught students how to safely deal with and dispose of explosive weaponry.
The valuable information learned in these schools lead the Army and Navy to organize the forerunner of EOD called “Bomb Disposal” following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

As wartime explosives have progressed from the first landmines to the advanced pyrotechnics of the 21st century, so has the specialized training EOD technicians must endure. EOD forces are highly trained to render safe every munition from hand grenades and
improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons on both foreign and American soil. It is these EOD units who are the key enablers in the War of Terror. It is critical that our military utilizes these specialized technicians
in order to facilitate our counter-IED operations.

Congressman Crawford, a former Army EOD technician himself, created the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Caucus with Congresswoman Davis in 2011 in a large-scale effort to show support and voice the needs and successes of EOD technicians in all branches of the
military. He currently co-chairs the EOD Caucus with Representatives Susan Davis (CA-53), Brian Mast (FL-18, also a former EOD tech), and Jimmy Panetta (CA-20).

Thank you for your consideration. For more information or to join the EOD Caucus, please contact Abbi Burgess ( with Congressman Rick Crawford, Ian Staples (
with Congresswoman Susan Davis, Sarah Miller ( with Congressman Brian Mast, or Matt Manning ( with
Congressman Jimmy Panetta.



Rick Crawford (AR-1)                                               Susan Davis (CA-53)

MEMBER OF CONGRESS                                      MEMBER OF CONGRESS


Brian Mast (FL-18)                                                    Jimmy Panetta (CA-20)

MEMBER OF CONGRESS                                      MEMBER OF CONGRESS

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