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COSPONSOR: Inaugural Fund Integrity Act (HR 1382)

Sponsors:  Sarbanes, Serrano, Boyle

Dear Colleague,

Recent reports have highlighted the potential for abuse of presidential inaugural funds.  Our federal campaigns have clear limits on who can contribute, on what the money can be spent, and how it all must be reported.  Inaugural funds lack similar requirements. 
Once a candidate wins the Presidency, they can raise unlimited amounts of money and spend it nearly without restriction or limit, potentially including for personal use.  The lack of reporting requirements means the public has no idea who supported the President’s
inaugural fund or how the money was spent and provides a pernicious opportunity for influence peddling AFTER a candidate had been elected. 

The Inaugural Fund Integrity Act (IFIA)  provides for:

  • Full and rapid disclosure of contributions that aggregate over $1000
  • Contribution limit of $50,000 (equal to President Obama’s self-imposed limit)
  • Complete ban of “straw man” donations
  • Full reporting of expenditures
  • Close loopholes that allow foreign donations
  • Ban corporate and SuperPAC contributions

Inaugural funds are in desperate need of accountability, so the American people can know who is giving money to support the President’s funds and how that money is being spent.  I hope you’ll join me as a co-sponsor of this legislation.  Email to sign on.

Mary Gay Scanlon
Member of Congress

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