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Dear Colleague,

For years, the automatic reductions in both discretionary and mandatory spending triggered by sequestration has negatively impacted our economy, government, and harmed our nation.  I ask for your support for the Relief from Sequestration Act of 2019 to repeal
these reductions in their entirety.  This bill repeals the draconian and automatic sequestration cuts imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Sequestration was originally intended to force Congress to make difficult decisions about deficit reduction.  Unfortunately, Congress failed to find a solution to reduce our deficit and the devastating mechanism of sequestration took effect.  Under sequestration,
automatic and indiscriminate cuts were applied through fiscal year 2021, decimating discretionary spending.  The sequester forestalled the sound planning needed for meaningful investments in national security, the workforce, transportation infrastructure,
education, health care, public safety, housing, innovation, small business development, and many other facets of enduring national strength.  These cuts have also had unacceptable and serious economic implications, by disrupting regular order in Congress.
The solution must be to permanently end this misguided and ineffective policy.

It is apparent that the mechanism of sequestration has not been effective or necessary to spur the creation of a comprehensive deficit reduction plan.  In fact, the author of the 1987 law that first employed sequestration as an enforcement mechanism never intended
for the sequester to be triggered; rather that only the threat of it be used to spur action and compromise.  Clearly, it failed in that regard.  In light of sequestration’s failure, the Relief from Sequestration Act of 2019 would end years of harmful cuts
to discretionary programs triggered by this mechanism and eliminate the automatic across-the-board reductions in discretionary caps that are in place for Fiscal Years 2020 through Fiscal Year 2021.

This bill does not deny the fact that we need a comprehensive, long-term deficit reduction deal.  We absolutely do.  This bill recognizes that discretionary spending accounts, and the economy, should no longer be held hostage by the threat of sequestration
while Congress debates the larger revenue and mandatory spending changes that are fundamentally necessary.  We have a deficit problem that must be addressed, but we should not damage our economy and undermine national security in the process.

Please join my effort to end sequestration’s cuts to discretionary programs, and the resulting damage it would do to national security, the economy, and other vital federal programs by cosponsoring the Relief from Sequestration Act. If you have any questions
or would like to be added as a cosponsor, please contact Fernando Ruiz at 202-226-8460 or


Rep. Adam Smith 

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