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Cosponsor the Disclosing Aid Spent to Ensure Relief (DISASTER) Act

Deadline to become an original cosponsor: Monday, March 25th COB


Cosponsors: Peters, Meadows, Connolly, Tonko

Endorsed by: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Sierra Club, Taxpayers for Common Sense


Dear Colleague,

Our nation has experienced a variety of natural disasters, particularly over the last several years. The federal government plays a vital role in helping communities recover from these disasters, yet the federal government does not produce a single estimate
of how much it spends on disaster-related assistance each year.

Currently, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is required by the Budget Control Act (BCA) to annually calculate the adjusted 10-year rolling average of disaster relief spending, which it uses to set the allowable cap adjustment for disaster relief.
In making this calculation, OMB includes spending by 29 individual accounts managed by 11 different agencies and departments.

The Disclosing Aid Spent to Ensure Relief (DISASTER) Act would improve transparency for how money is being spent by different government agencies and program accounts, and by natural disaster type or event. This bipartisan bill would:

  • Direct OMB to produce an annual report comprehensively quantifying disaster-related assistance provided by the federal government, using data it already collects.
  • Require these OMB reports to be made publicly available online.

To become a cosponsor or for more information, please contact Elise Sugarman ( in Rep. Peters’ office or Chad Yelinski (
in Rep. Meadows’ office. The deadline for original cosponsors is Monday, March 25th.




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