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Dear Colleague,

No one should face the impossible choice of caring for their health or keeping their paycheck or job. But millions of hard-working people must make this decision every time they get sick or a family member needs care.  In fact, over 34 million private sector
workers still cannot earn a single paid sick day to recover from the flu, care for a sick child or seek preventive care. In addition, while 92 percent of the highest-wage workers have paid sick days, less than one in three (31 percent) of our nation’s lowest-wage
workers have access to a single paid sick day. And only 52 percent of service workers — who frequently interact with the public — have access to paid sick days.

That is why we are reintroducing the Healthy Families Act, which would:

  • Allow workers in businesses with 15 or more employees to earn up to seven job-protected paid sick days each year to be used to recover from their own illness, access preventive care, provide care for a sick family member, or attend meetings related to the
    health or disability of a child.  Allows workers in businesses with less than 15 employees to earn up to seven job-protected unpaid sick days each year.
  • Allow workers who are victims of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault to use their sick days to recover or seek assistance related to an incident. 

Ten states and more than 20 localities across the country have recognized the importance of paid sick days.  In those places, laws have substantially increased paid sick days access for low-wage workers and workers in service industries who cook our food,
sell our groceries, and care for our children and older loved ones and have improved public health, without adversely affecting businesses – but we need the
Healthy Families Act to establish a national standard. Access to paid sick days should not be based on zip code. We urge you to join this important effort to help build momentum for guaranteed job-protected paid sick days for workers not just
in our cities, but across the country.

To become an original cosponsor or have any questions, please contact Liz in my office at or 5-3661.



Rosa L. DeLauro

Member of Congress

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