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Organizational Support: Association of American Educators (AAE), National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), National Education
Association (NEA)

Current Co-Sponsors (52):  Barragan, Beatty, Boyle, Butterfield, Carbajal, Carson, Cicilline, Cisneros, Clarke, Cohen, Courtney, DeLauro, Gallego, Garamendi, Grijalva, Haaland, Hastings, Hayes, Himes, Holmes Norton, Jackson Lee, Johnson
(TX), Johnson (GA), Kaptur, Khanna, Khrishnamoorthi, Kuster, Lamb, Langevin, Levin, C. Maloney, McEachin, Meeks, Moore, Nadler, Omar, Pallone, Pingree, Pocan, Quigley, Raskin, Roybal-Allard, Spanberger, Titus, Tonko, Vela, Velazquez, Watson Coleman, Wild,
Wilson (FL),Yarmuth

I am writing to ask you to join me in co-sponsoring H.R. 878, the Educators Expense Deduction Modernization Act.  This legislation will double the amount educators are able to deduct on qualified out-of-pocket classroom
expenses – such as basic school supplies, books, and other instructional materials – from $250 to $500. The deductions would also be indexed to inflation.

Our nation’s teachers, principals, counselors and classrooms aides are some of the most hardworking professionals, often putting in long hours and going above and beyond to support their students. Unfortunately, as per-student funding for public education
has dropped in recent years – with most states spending less money on students than they did before the Great Recession – teachers have increasingly become responsible for funding necessities in their own classrooms. Studies have shown 91 percent of teachers
used their own money to pay for school supplies[1] with most teachers spending on average $530 per year on their students and classrooms, and one in 10 spending $1,000 or more. [2] In low-income districts, educators also buy clothing and personal hygiene products
for kids whose parents can’t even afford basic things. All this adds up to more than $1 billion coming out of educator’s own pockets.

Increasing this deduction is a small but meaningful way to demonstrate how much we value our country’s educators and recognize the personal sacrifices they make to ensure our children have the tools to learn. While it is my hope that local school districts
and states will adequately fund education, in Congress we can take steps to ensure a classroom full of pens, books, and science materials will be in reach for every child.

For more information or to cosponsor the legislation, please contact Michael Matthews in my office at 5-8699 or



Anthony G. Brown                                           

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