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Support Apprenticeships and Workforce Development – Cosponsor the Bipartisan PARTNERS Act

Cosponsor H.R. 989, the Promoting Apprenticeships through Regional Training Networks for Employers’ Required Skills (PARTNERS) Act

Supporting Groups: National Skills Coalition, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships, and Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) 


Dear Colleague:

We invite you to cosponsor the Promoting Apprenticeships through Regional Training Networks for Employers’ Required Skills (PARTNERS) Act to invest in industry partnerships that help workers and businesses access the skills they need to stay competitive
in today’s economy.

Despite efforts to get our economy back on track, many working families are still struggling to make ends meet. Their wages are stagnant, they are experiencing barriers to work, and they feel overwhelmed by rising rent prices, inaccessible transportation,
and skyrocketing childcare costs. Stronger investments in apprenticeships and work-based learning programs will get more people into better paying, stable careers and provide our nation’s businesses with a workforce that will improve productivity and efficiency. 

Industry partnerships help address the skills gap by bringing together employers, education organizations, training, labor, and community-based organizations to develop work-based learning programs. Apprenticeships and work-based learning programs provide
individuals with paid, on-the-job training and classroom instruction. Employers align training with the skills they need, and workers learn while they earn. Unfortunately, small and medium sized businesses often lack the infrastructure and resources to establish
apprenticeships or work-based learning programs on their own.

The PARTNERS Act would establish a grant program to support the creation and expansion of industry and sector partnerships to help small and medium sized businesses develop work-based learning programs and provide mentoring and support services for workers.

The bill authorizes the use of 50 percent of the funds deposited into the H-1B Nonimmigrant Petition Account for use by the Department of Labor for partnerships grants, resulting in no additional cost to taxpayers. President Bush and President Obama used
the H1B Account funds to further specific skills training initiatives. The bill upholds Congress’ oversight role by directing the Administration to spend money it already receives to yield better outcomes. The partnerships would use the grant funds

  • Support small and medium sized businesses in efforts to recruit participants for paid work-based learning programs, with focus on SNAP and TANF recipients, connect with education providers to develop a curriculum for work-based learning programs, and navigate
    the apprenticeship registration process.
  • Provide workers with adult basic education classes, access to tools, work attire, transportation, child care services, and other required items necessary to start employment.

If you would like additional information or to cosponsor the PARTNERS Act, please contact Maxine Sugarman in Rep. Bonamici’s office ( or 5-0855.



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