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Cosponsor the Fairness to Pet Owners Act

116th Original Cosponsor: Bishop (UT)

115th Congress Cosponsors: Bishop (UT), Cleaver, Collins, Hastings, Gaetz

Dear Colleague:

More than two of every three American households own a pet.  When their pets require medications, shouldn’t they have the freedom to choose where they fill those prescriptions – whether it be at the vet clinic, their local pharmacy, grocery store, big box
retailer or an online pharmacy? 

We believe so and hope you will agree by joining us in sponsoring the Fairness to Pet Owners Act.

Our legislation is straightforward – if a pet requires medication available only by prescription, our bill gives the pet owner a right to a copy of that prescription, without having to ask, pay an extra fee or sign a waiver.  The bill applies to only domesticated
household pets, and the prescription can be provided on paper or sent electronically.

The Federal Trade Commission has studied this issue and concluded that “greater prescription portability likely would enhance competition for the sale of pet medications” and that “consumers would benefit from this competition in the form of lower prices.”  

Giving pet owners a choice and spurring competition will save consumers money.  It will also make it more convenient for pet owners – especially those in underserved rural and urban areas – to obtain their pets’ medications, helping many Americans struggling
to make ends meet care for their pets, and keep them part of the family longer.

For years, consumers have automatically received their prescriptions for human medications, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.  There is no reason the automatic release of prescriptions for pet medications should be treated any differently. 

Among the supporters of this bill are the National Community Pharmacists Association, the Food Marketing Institute, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Please join us in our efforts to provide pet owners with this fundamental consumer right.  Should you or your staff have any questions regarding the bill, or you would like to cosponsor, please contact Kate Huffman with Congressman Cartwright at or Chris Jones with Congressman Bilirakis at






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