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Prevent President Trump from Illegally Building His Border Wall

Cosponsor the This Land Is Our Land Act

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Gonzalez (TX), Garamendi
, Escobar, Haaland, McGovern, Meng, Schakowsky, Velazquez, Welch

115th Cosponsors: Chu, Clarke (NY), Evans, Gallego, Lee, Lieu, McCollum, McGovern, Norton, Raskin, Soto, Torres, Vargas, Veasey, Vela, Velazquez, Wasserman Schultz

Dear Colleague,

Since his inauguration, President Trump has subjected Congress, federal employees and, most importantly, the American people to uncertainty and harm in pursuit of an unnecessary boondoggle: a wall along the southern border. The President has threatened to
keep the government shut down for, as he put it, “months, or years,” and has vowed to use any means possible, including asserting eminent domain or declaring a state of national emergency, to get his wall.

The President’s wall is nothing more than an ill-conceived campaign tactic at best, and a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars at worst. Countless national security and immigration policy experts have told us time and again that it will do nothing to prevent
individuals from attempting to enter the United States unlawfully. However, a wall along the southern border
would trample on our public lands, putting precious endangered species at risk, disrupting or destroying environmentally important habitats. It would subvert private property rights to outlandish, capricious executive decisions. And of course, it would
send a message incompatible with America’s history as the last best hope on Earth.

In light of the president’s renewed efforts to build his wall, I will be re-introducing legislation I authored in the previous Congress, the
This Land Is Our Land Act. The bill would prohibit the Department of Homeland Security or Department of Defense from constructing any new border barriers, including walls or fences, on federal land under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Agriculture
or the Secretary of the Interior. Furthermore, it would prevent the use of eminent domain for construction of a barrier on the Southern border, and it would make it illegal for these agencies to commence construction of such a barrier during a declared national
emergency. Quite simply, the This Land is Our Land Act would prohibit a border wall from being built through executive action without the approval of Congress.

If you would like to be added a cosponsor to this comprehensive prohibition on Trump’s Wall, the
This Land Is Our Land Act, or you have questions about the bill, please contact Todd Sloves in my office at or at 5-4365.


Adriano Espaillat

Member of Congress

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