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Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to join the House Manufacturing Caucus, a group of legislators who seek to engage Congress around the issues facing US manufacturing.  The Manufacturing Caucus will offer briefings on how manufacturing is changing and bring the
voice of the stakeholders to present their ideas, problems, and suggestions. 

Manufacturing is almost 12% or our economy and employs 13 million people in this country.  Include the manufacturing supply chain and these numbers get much bigger.  Manufacturing is undergoing a dramatic revolution as supply chains become more interconnected
and capabilities explode.  AI, machine learning, the internet, and advance processing capabilities are transforming what can be done and also how it can be done.  Combined with the intensely competitive global environment, the future of manufacturing and its
role in the US is open for re-imagining.  Of the 13 million people employed in manufacturing production today most work in small to medium size businesses and many in rural areas.  The manufacturing supply chain reaches far beyond factories serving as foundations
for communities and spurring jobs in supporting areas as diverse as transportation, law, engineering, financial services, energy, education, and more.  Whether your district is interested in work force development, economic development, small businesses, national
security, agriculture, science, technology, energy, environment, trade, or tax policy, understanding the role manufacturing plays is fundamental. 

The caucus is a forum for understanding our legislative impacts. More information, including links to manufacturing related policy reports and videos of past events, is available on the
House Manufacturing Caucus website. Upcoming events will include topics such as the changing workforce, technology transfer needs, new technologies like Biomanufacturing, Additive Manufacturing
(a.k.a. 3D printing) and advanced materials, the implications of AI on manufacturing, manufacturers’ needs for data governance, manufacturing/energy nexus, strengthening our manufacturing base through innovation ecosystems like the Manufacturing USA program,
and more!  

If you are interested in joining, please contact KC Morris (  in Congressman Tom Reed’s office and/or
Zach Prager (  in Congressman Tim Ryan’s office.   


Tom Reed                                                                    Tim Ryan

              House Manufacturing Caucus Co-chairs 


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