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It’s Time for Congress to have Skin in the Game

Cosponsor H.R. 845: Solidarity in Salary Act


Cosponsors: Balderson, Cooper, Cox, Gonzalez (OH), Gottheimer,
Meadows, Moulton, Pingree


Dear Colleague,

As we once again find ourselves headed towards another partial government shutdown, it is time for Congress to demonstrate to the American people that we are willing to have skin in the game when it comes to doing the job of keeping government open.

We experienced what can happen when we let personal politics get in the way of our fundamental job of legislating. For 35 days, 800,000 federal employees, from air traffic controllers and TSA agents, to coast guardsmen, Indian Health Service staff, and National
Park Service rangers, were furloughed or forced to work without pay. It’s unacceptable that government workers—professionals who work hard to serve the American people every day—were held hostage by political brinkmanship.

That is why we introduced the Solidarity in Salary Act, bipartisan legislation that would withhold the paychecks from members of Congress, the president, and the vice president during a shutdown. The legislation places their pay in escrow for each day a
government shutdown was in effect. Once the government is reopened, the withheld pay is released.

This legislation will help prevent the American people from being political pawns for party leaders and help return sanity to the task of funding the government. If you would like to cosponsor or need additional information, please contact Eric Kanter in
Congressman Golden’s Office at or 202-225-6306.





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