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Invitation to Join the Congressional Human Trafficking Caucus

U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Colleague,

We cordially invite you to join the Congressional Human Trafficking Caucus for the 116th Congress.  The United States and international community have made great strides to eradicate human trafficking since the passage of the Trafficking Victims
Protection Act of 2000.  However, continued, educated efforts are needed to overcome human trafficking at home and abroad.  The most recent report of the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that more than 25 million adults and children are enslaved
at any given time.  Of these victims, the ILO estimates that 58% of forced labor victims and 99% of sex trafficking victims are women and girls.  One in four victims of modern slavery are children.

The Congressional Human Trafficking Caucus educates members and staff on domestic and international anti-human trafficking policy and advances appropriate legislation in the House of Representatives.  To this end, the Caucus brings to the attention of Members
and their staff cutting-edge research on various forms of human trafficking as well as best practices to fight trafficking.  The Caucus also coordinates letters and other action to ensure that the fight against human trafficking remains a sustained priority
for all agencies tasked with implementing human trafficking laws.  Finally, the Caucus alerts Members to original cosponsorship opportunities of new anti-trafficking legislation. 

To join or renew membership in the Human Trafficking Caucus for the 116th Congress, please e-mail Rep. Chris Smith ( or Rep. Carolyn Maloney (




CHRISTOPHER SMITH                                                                      CAROLYN MALONEY               

Member of Congress                                                                           Member of Congress                 


BOBBY SCOTT                                                                                   KAY GRANGER

Member of Congress                                                                           Member of Congress

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