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Become an Original Cosponsor of the Infant Formula Protection Act of 2019

Original Cosponsor: Rep. Annie Kuster

Dear Colleague,

As a mom, I know the fear and the pressure that comes with caring for a newborn; all a new parent wants is to make sure that their baby is healthy. Busy parents need to be able to rely on the safety of products, like formula, that they buy in grocery stores
in order to make sure that their newborns are well-fed and healthy. Grocery stores that stock expired formula – even by just a few days – pose real health risks to infants.

Although regulations require expiration dates to be placed on formula, there is no federal law that prohibits the sale of the product after it has expired. As a result, many stores continue to keep the expired items on their shelves despite the fact that
the products are outdated.

This is why I have introduced the Infant Formula Protection Act of 2019, which would categorize expired infant formula as “adulterated.” A grocery store that stocks an adulterated substance can incur fines and other penalties. We cannot take chances with
what we feed our babies, and parents must be able to trust the safety of the products that they buy in their stores.

If you would like to join this legislation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your staff may contact Katharine Nasielski of my staff at or 202-225-2601.



Rep. Grace Meng
Member of Congress

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