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Dear Colleague,

Please join me in cosponsoring H.R. 533, the Workforce Development and Federal Contracting Act of 2019.  This legislation will help ensure companies contracting with executive agencies are also acting to develop and train our nation’s workforce.

The federal government uses contractors to support a variety of government operations and services, procuring goods and services ranging from office furniture to information technology and administrative services.  The federal government has also occasionally
used federal contracting to progress towards certain public policy objectives, including protecting the environment and reentry.   

In FY2018, the federal government obligated more than $190 billion on non-defense contracts but there is little understanding of how those same contractors are helping to develop the workforce.  We already know that too few workers are being trained for
well-paying, middle-skill level jobs.  We need to encourage contracting companies who are telling us they can’t find the skilled workers they need, to actually help train and create those very same workers.

This legislation would require the heads of executive agencies to consider the existence of qualified training programs of contractors in the award of contracts of $25 million or more.  A “qualified training program” is one that is:

  • Eligible to receive funding under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)
  • Eligible to receive funding under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act
  • Registered with the Department of Labor under the National Apprenticeship Act, or
  • Any other federal program identified to be a qualified training program by the head of the executive agency.

The bill also directs the head of each executive agency to develop incentives for contractors to develop the workforce.

This legislation is a first step in increasing accountability and ensuring those that do business with the federal government are also finding and acting on ways to develop our workforce.  If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor, please contact
Anna Platt (, 5-8699).


Anthony G. Brown

Member of Congress


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