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Cosponsor the bipartisan Reining in Irresponsible Decorating Expenses (RIIDE) Act 

Deadline for Original Cosponsors: COB Monday, February 11

Cosponsors: Bustos*, Meadows*, Cooper, Rose, Van Drew, Harder, and Sherrill.

Dear Colleagues,

Please join us by co-sponsoring the Reining in Irresponsible Decorating Expenses (RIIDE) Act.
This legislation would bring much-needed transparency when it comes to federal agency heads’ excessive spending on office renovations and furniture and create real consequences for officials who break the rules.

We all hear about what a mess Washington has become when we meet with constituents back home. They’re disgusted by the greed and corruption coming from the highest ranks of our government, and too often feeling like taxpayer dollars are used to foot the
bill. We have seen cabinet secretaries and agency heads abuse their power again and again. From first-class travel to sweetheart deals that enrich their friends, Americans are sick of it. Putting common-sense limitations on office renovations is a good place
to start reining in these abuses.

Before cabinet secretaries and agency heads shell out more than $5,000 in taxpayer funds for office renovations and furniture, not only do they need to let Congress know, but it also would require them to justify the expense. Furthermore, the RIIDE Act would
require the officials to report to Congress on the performance of their respective agency, including up-to-date information on grant backlogs, staffing levels, and other benchmarks. Lastly, this bill would create consequences for those who fail to comply—meaning
a failure to report such expenses requires the official to pay back the taxpayers with interest.

When it comes to decorating offices and suites, high-ranking government officials should not have a blank check.  Join us in bringing transparency and accountability to the notification process for agency heads’ office expenses by cosponsoring the RIIDE

For questions about co-sponsoring, contact Steffanie Bezruki at
or 202-225-5905 in Ms. Bustos’ office; or Chad Yelinski at or at Ext. 67032 in Mr. Meadows’ office..



Cheri Bustos

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