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Cosponsor the Bipartisan “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act”

Dear Colleague:

We are reintroducing the bipartisan “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act,” a bill sponsored last Congress by Rep. Kevin Yoder with 329 co-sponsors (H.R. 392).  A prior version of the bill (H.R. 3012) passed the House in the 112th Congress with a resounding
bipartisan vote of 389 to 15.

The bill places employment-based immigrants on an even playing field by eliminating the 7% “per-country” limit on employment-based immigrant visas. The bill also raises the similar 7% per-country limit on family-sponsored visas to 15%. 

The employment-based green card system provides permanent residence to individuals who contribute to U.S. competitiveness and economic growth.  This bill creates a fair and equitable “first come, first serve” system under which U.S. companies will be able
to focus on what they do best—hiring smart people to create products, services, and jobs in our districts. 

The new system would help ease green card backlogs for those facing the longest wait times.  About 95% of employment-based green card applicants already live and work here on temporary visas.  Because of the per-country limits, however, some of these workers
are forced to stay on their temporary visas for many years, if not decades.  The bill helps even out the green card queues, thus preventing excessive backlogs for some.

The bill is unchanged from last year’s version except for the inclusion of one provision to prevent harm to anyone who is already waiting for a green card.  It is a “do no harm” provision that ensures that every person currently in line has the same or better
wait time after this bill is passed.

If you would like more information, a copy of the bill text, or are interested in becoming a co-sponsor, please contact Rachel Calanni at



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