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Funding for official Congressional travel dates to the 1954
Mutual Security Act
. The act gives Members of Congress a permanent on-going appropriation to conduct official business around the world. According to CRS, since this is a permanent appropriation, it is not subject to a lapse in regular appropriations.


Why is this Legislation needed?

  • Members of Congress
    should not be traveling to do public relations trips
    or any other type of trip for official business while they have not finished the official business of funding the federal government.
  • Federal agencies should not be required to support official travel by Members of Congress who have not fully funded the federal government.


How this bill fixes that:

  • Prohibits executive agencies from supporting CODELs during a lapse in appropriations.
    • If “any instrumentality” of the Federal Government is not funded, executive agencies cannot support official travel involving more than one Member of Congress.
  • Leadership can provide a waiver.
    • What if a CODEL is needed to resolve the funding discussion or to keep foreign policy objectives?
      • The bill allows the President, the Speaker, and the Majority Leader of the Senate to agree to allow a CODEL to occur during a shutdown.
  • What if Members need to travel home for the weekend during a shutdown?
    • The bill’s prohibitions only apply to official travel by more than one Member and not to individual Members traveling on official business.

For questions, please contact Will Smethers with
Rep. Mike Gallagher (

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