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The Honest Elections and Campaign, No Gain Act

Sponsors: Rep. Kathy Castor and Rep. Gus Bilirakis


Public Citizen, Campaign for Accountability, Common Cause, and End Citizens United 

Dear Colleague: 

You might have seen the reporting regarding roughly 100 “zombie campaigns” still spending campaign cash long after the candidate is no longer seeking office.  It is unconscionable for congressional campaign accounts to live on years after a member has left
office and for funds to be diverted for personal use, club dues, sports tickets, etc. We introduced the bipartisan Honest Elections and Campaigns, No Gain Act to stamp out that abuse of power. This bill requires former lawmakers to close campaign accounts
in a reasonable time and bars unauthorized payments to family members. This bill also requires that former lawmakers dispense of all campaign funds prior to becoming a registered lobbyist. A member should not be able to have these accounts live on for decades
and use those funds for personal use.

Summary of H.R. 5409, the Honest Elections and Campaign, No Gain Act:

  • Requires outgoing lawmakers to close their campaign accounts within two years and also bans payments to family members once they leave office
  • As with current law, unspent campaign donations could be given to charity, donated to local, state or national political parties or refunded to the original donor
  • H.R. 5409 would prohibit candidates from transferring the money into their own political action committees, which is allowed under current regulations
  • Ensures that all campaign funds must be disposed of before any individual becomes a registered lobbyist

To cosponsor this bill or if you have any questions, please contact Didier Barjon in Rep. Kathy Castor’s office at



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