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Dear Colleague:

We write today to urge you to join us in a bipartisan effort to support America’s local radio stations as we reintroduce the Local Radio Freedom Act (H.Con.Res. 13 in the 115th Congress). This resolution – which has gained majority bipartisan
support in the House in five prior Congresses – reaffirms Congress’s longstanding support for the local radio stations that serve each of our communities and expresses that Congress should not impose new performance fees or taxes on local radio stations. 
Any such tax or fee would significantly jeopardize the ability of the local radio stations to serve our communities and constituents, especially during times of local emergencies.
This resolution attained 228 cosponsors in the 115th Congress; we ask for your help achieving even greater support this Congress.

According to Nielsen Media Research, more than 9 out of 10 Americans listen to the radio every week, making it the media platform more people turn to than any other. During the good times, radio is where people go to find new and favorite music, entertainment,
local and national news and information, and sports. During and after emergencies, local radio is an indispensable and relied upon source of news and information for local communities. Sadly, the unprecedented West Coast wildfires and the hurricane seasons
of 2018 and 2017 – Michael, Harvey, Irma and Maria – as well as Katrina and many before that – all illustrate just how integral radio stations are to their communities and the critical service they provide. In those instances, local stations – often despite
personal danger faced by their own employees and their families – reflexively shifted to round-the-clock coverage of the emergency at hand, identifying evacuation routes, providing information on where to get food, water and shelter, and – in some ways just
as valuable – providing a reassuring voice to listeners. Indeed, for millions of Americans, local radio stations have been the beacon they turn in times of crisis.

Local radio continues to be the principal way most people discover new music. Artists and record label executives acknowledge broadcast radio is the primary way to get their music to the largest number of listeners, and the recording industry dedicates significant
resources to promoting artists to local radio stations, understanding the value of those stations to their artists’ success. Stations promote new and established artists across all formats, playing their music, promoting their concerts, having them on-air
and advocating their celebrity to their listening audience. This symbiotic relationship between radio and recording artists and their labels of free music for free promotion has benefited both parties for nearly a century and continues to do so today. The
bottom line is – new fees and taxes would jeopardize the existence of our local radio stations, and the services provided by them to our local communities.

Last year’s successful bipartisan and virtually unanimous enactment of the historic Music Modernization Act by Congress is proof positive of the critical importance of consensus solutions when it comes to music licensing reform. We were proud supporters
of the MMA and believe it stands as a model for future legislation of this nature.

Please contact Didier Barjon in Rep. Castor’s office at
or Michael Horder in Rep. Conaway’s office at
. We look forward to your support of this important resolution.


Kathy Castor

K. Michael Conaway

Member of Congress

Member of Congress

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