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Bring Accountability and Transparency to Cable and Internet Providers

Noon on Friday, March 1

Dear Colleague:
Between price increases, slow internet speeds, and baffling fees, customers in all regions of the country feel as though they are overcharged by their cable company and never quite get what they paid for. The lack of market competition in many areas allows
some cable and broadband companies to get away with sub-par service, as customers have no other provider with which to do business.
For customers on fixed incomes, a sudden jump in the cable bill can put a painful squeeze on other parts of the family budget. Customers in rural areas oftentimes find their broadband speeds are not nearly as fast as advertised. And working families can struggle
to find the time to call customer service and fight with their cable company to get what they paid for.
That’s why I am introducing the Transparency for Cable Consumers Act. Under this bill, if a cable or internet company is fined by a state Public Service Commission, the company would be required to be more open and transparent about their operations in the
state. The company would need to report:

  • The number of cable and broadband internet customers in each county;
  • The average cable bill and broadband internet bill amounts in each county;
  • A full accounting of all fees charged customers in each county; and
  • The average broadband internet speeds delivered in each county.

By bringing more transparency into the market, we can help improve services for consumers across the country. Please contact Jonathan Lipe at with any questions or to sign on as a co-sponsor.
Anthony Brindisi
Member of Congress

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