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Last year, I heard from veterans and veterans’ service officers of instances where the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) failed to inform veterans in a timely manner of the outcome of their disability claim.  When these veterans received their notifications,
the delayed delivery afforded little time for the veteran to submit their appeal within the required response window.  In these instances, the VA offered up excuses for the delays in delivering the notices, including by placing the blame on the United States
Postal Service (USPS).  Given the importance of these benefits to our veterans, the government should be doing all it can to make it easier for them to plead their case.  Bureaucratic procedures and shipping delays should not be the reason a veteran cannot
get the benefits they need.  That is why I am reintroducing the Veterans Right to Expediency Act.

This legislation would amend Title 38 of the United States Code to require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to deliver notice of the denial of claims for benefits under the laws administered by the Secretary by certified mail.  By sending these notices
through certified mail, the veteran can expect to receive it in time to file an appeal should they so choose, or use the mail piece’s paper trail to hold accountable the bureaucrat that may have lost or caused the notice’s delay.

The United States is fortunate to have the toughest and bravest men and women in the world serving in our Armed Forces.  When our service-members return home, we must do all we can to help them receive the benefits and treatment that they have earned.  Please
join me by cosponsoring this important legislation to make it easier for our veterans to appeal any VA decision that denies their claims.  Thank you for your consideration.  To become a cosponsor, please contact Mike Davin on my staff at (202) 225-6405, or





Robert E. Latta

Member of Congress

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