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Co-sponsor the No Vote, No Raise Act to Repeal the Automatic Pay Adjustment for Members of Congress

**Current Cosponsors: Bacon, Olson, Wittman**

Dear Colleague:

The Ethics Reform Act of 1989 established the current formula for the automatic annual pay adjustment for Members of Congress, which automatically goes into effect unless denied statutorily by Congress.  Many of our constituents do not receive an automatic
pay increase, and neither should Members of Congress.  That is why I am re-introducing the No Vote, No Raise Act that repeals the provision of law that provides for this automatic increase.  If any increases need to take place, I believe Congress should have
a transparent and public vote to do so.

While H.R. 5895 from the 115th Congress (P.L. 115-244) prevented any cost-of-living adjustment to the pay for Members of Congress in Fiscal Year 2019, this legislation permanently ends the automatic increase.  Please contact Mike Davin at 202-225-6405, or, to become an original co-sponsor of this important legislation.



Robert E. Latta

Member of Congress

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