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Congressional Peace Corps Caucus


Dear Colleague,

We encourage you to support Peace Corps Volunteers in your district by joining the bipartisan Congressional Peace Corps Caucus.
Since 1961 when the Peace Corps was established, more than 230,000 Volunteers have served their country in the name of peace. Today, 7,376 Volunteers from all 50 states and many US territories are working shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities in 65 countries.
Volunteers play a vital role in building community links that underpin American diplomacy and security, building personal relationships across the world and living out an ethos of service that extends well past the end of their tenure as volunteers.

Peace Corps Volunteers are representatives for America in communities where people may have never before met an American.  The projects they pursue as volunteers, everything from teaching English to advising local businesses to helping farmers increase crop
yields, have a tremendous positive impact on their host communities. The Peace Corps brings to the world the best that this country has to offer: our citizens.

We encourage you to honor current and past Peace Corps Volunteers in your district by joining the bipartisan Congressional Peace Corps Caucus. It is not necessary to have served in the Peace Corps to join the caucus.  To find out how many Peace Corps Volunteers
are currently serving in your district and to join the Congressional Peace Corps Caucus, please contact Betsy Thompson ( with Rep. Garamendi, Qais Roshan (
with Rep. Kennedy, or Alex Erwin ( with Rep. Graves.


Member of Congress
Peace Corps Volunteer
Ethiopia, 1966-68
Co-Chair, Peace Corps Caucus

Member of Congress
Peace Corps Volunteer
Dominican Republic, 2004-06
Co-Chair, Peace Corps Caucus

Member of Congress
Co-Chair, Peace Corps Caucus
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