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Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to join the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus for the 116th Congress. The Congressional Neuroscience Caucus seeks to build awareness of the intrinsic role brain research plays in understanding ourselves and our society.

Currently, one in three individuals is afflicted with a neurological or psychiatric disorder. There are now more people with brain disorders than all cancer and heart problems combined. As society ages, this number will increase exponentially as will the
cost to the healthcare system and the economy. These problems are the leading cause of disability, resulting in more hospitalizations and long-term care than all other disorders combined. From autism to Alzheimer’s disease, from Parkinson’s to mental illness,
neuroscience research is the only way to stem this growing epidemic. It is a looming disaster that is hanging over the heads – and brains – of the boomer generation. It is only through research the causes, cures, and ultimately prevention of neurological and
psychiatric disorders will be found.

As Co-Chairs, we are committed to working on these important issues together and hope you will join our efforts as members of the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus.

We hope that you will consider joining this important caucus and helping us highlight the importance of brain research. To join, please contact: Martha Cramer in Congressman Blumenauer’s office at 225-4811 or by email at, or Matt Neighbors in Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers’s office at 225-2006 or by email at




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