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Dear Colleague:

After a 35-day impasse, we have endured the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history. Our Border Patrol agents, Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) employees, court officials, and many other federal employees and government contractors
were forced to go more than a month without pay. The president signed a short-term spending bill to reopen the government through February 15th. However, if a long-term spending agreement is not reached, we may be faced with another partial shutdown.
With that in mind, I write to ask that you cosponsor my bill,
H.R. 793
, which will help ensure any future shutdowns come to an end in an expedited fashion.

To accomplish this goal, this legislation would prohibit Members of Congress from using official funds to pay for travel during any period in which a government shutdown is in effect. A Member may use official funds to return to Washington if they happen
to be away from the Capitol. However, if a Member would like to leave Washington, D.C. during a shutdown, they will have to pay out of their own pocket. Members of Congress are responsible for the failure to reach spending agreements and should be here in
Washington working until the government shutdown is over.

Hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal employees and government contractors entered their second month without pay. Small businesses suffered. Our TSA workers and Border Patrol agents had to work overtime and around the clock to keep our country safe
without the stability of a paycheck. Additionally, the damage to our economy was significant and, in some ways, irreparable. This is unacceptable. The American people deserve to have elected representatives who are willing to work overtime to reach a solution
during any future government shutdown.

Please join me as a cosponsor of this important legislation. Members of Congress should not be allowed to go on with business as usual while so many Americans are forced to suffer due to dysfunction here in Washington.

To cosponsor H.R. 793, please contact Janessa Lopez with my office at
or 202-225-4676.

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