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Dear Colleagues:
Please join me as a cosponsor the Students Voicing Opinions in Today’s Elections (VOTE) Act. The right to vote is one of the most important and empowering rights granted to citizens of the United States, yet only 55% of the youth
voter population is registered to vote. We need to educate our youth about the electoral system so they can be prepared be civically engaged once they reach voting age.
This is why I have introduced H.R. 126, the Students Voicing Opinions in Today’s Elections (VOTE) Act. We must ensure that all of our youth are not only informed about our electoral system, but are also civically engaged and
equipped to make a difference.
H.R. 126, the Students Voting Opinions in Today’s Elections (VOTE) Act would:
• Direct the Election Assistance Commission to carry out a pilot program providing funds to local educational agencies (LEAs) for initiatives that provide 12th graders with voter registration information,
• Require LEAs to consult with their state and local election officials in developing those initiatives.
If you are interested in cosponsoring this bill or have any questions, please contact Keenan Hale with my office at
Member of Congress
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