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Dear Colleague,

The Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) is our premier federal law enforcement agency. Congress intended the FBI to be insulated from partisan politics and remain independent in its dealings. Unfortunately, the FBI has become the political punching-bag of
the Trump Administration.

We can not allow partisan whims to influence an institution like the FBI.  Congress had this in mind when they set the FBI Director’s term for 10 years, which is longer than any elected official, including the President. President Trump’s cavalier termination
of James Comey shatters this notion. Political removal – without legal or ethical cause – should not be the new norm and Congress must act.

Currently, it is within the President’s power to fire the FBI Director for any reason or no reason at all. Congress has previously placed restrictions on Presidential power to remove certain heads, most notably the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau and Special Counsels. The FBI should be no different. We cannot sit idly by and rubber stamp an Administration that shows no regard for the most basic constitutional norms.

This is why I introduced the Fighting for Intelligent, Rational, and Ethical Dismissal (FIRED) Act, which amends the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act to provide that the Director of the FBI may only be removed for inefficiency,
neglect of duty, or malfeasance of office. These extraordinary times require us to be vigilant in ensuring accountability and preserving the integrity of our democratic institutions.

Please consider being a co-sponsor on this legislation. If you have any further questions or would like to sign on as a cosponsor, please contact Michael Matthews at or 5-8699.




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