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Dear Colleague,

By now you should have received an invitation to a briefing organized by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) on the
Future of the Rule of Law, CICIG and Justice Reform in Guatemala, to be held on
Wednesday, January 30 at 10:00 a.m. in
2200 Rayburn

Over the past several months, the Guatemalan government has taken a series of actions that have undermined the rule of law in that country, including ordering U.S.-provided J8 jeeps with armed agents to patrol in front of the United States Embassy, ending
the mandate of the highly successful anti-corruption body known as CICIG, purging high-level U.S.-trained and vetted police officials, and seeking to remove magistrates from the country’s constitutional court. These actions and others threaten to disrupt the
constitutional order in Guatemala, undermine the capacity to fight organized crime and put at risk human rights defenders and civil society organizations that have worked for years to end impunity and strengthen rule of law. Panelists will analyze these developments
and discuss their consequences for Guatemala and the United States. 

For more information, please contact Sarah Baumunk of CSIS at (202) 775-7326. To register for the event, click



James P. McGovern
Member of Congress