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Prevent Terrorists from Obtaining Deadly Weapons

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to join us as an original cosponsor of bipartisan legislation to close the terror gap in gun background checks, entitled the
“Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act.”  Right now federal law prohibits nine categories of dangerous persons from purchasing or possessing firearms.  Remarkably, persons on the terror watch lists are not among these
prohibited purchasers.

After 9/11, it makes no sense that the federal government cannot stop gun sales to suspects on the terrorist watch list.  According to an April 2011 GAO report, individuals on the terrorist watch list succeeded in purchasing guns and explosives
from licensed dealers 91 percent of the time between February 2004 and December 2010, because the background checks revealed no prohibiting information. That means in less than seven years, over 1,300 individuals on the terrorist watch list succeeded
in legally obtaining the guns and explosives they sought.

Our bill closes this glaring gap in federal background checks by giving the Department of Justice the discretion to block the sale, delivery, or transfer of firearms or issuance of permits to individuals believed to be terrorists. 

To sign on as an original cosponsor of the “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act,” please contact Deena Tauster in Rep. King’s office at 5-7896 / or Liz Amster in Rep. Rice’s office at 5-5516 /


PETER T. KING                                 KATHLEEN M. RICE

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