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January 9, 2018

Dear Republican Colleague,

I committed to you and the Republican Conference that I would change the way that the Appropriations Committee communicates with Members.  It is important that you are provided information that describes the policies and principles that are funded, or in
some cases, not funded, in each Appropriations bill.  You will be receiving one-pagers, like those attached, prior to consideration of all Appropriations bills.

This week, the new House Leadership will put forward for a vote four Appropriations bills that passed the Senate last year – Agriculture, Financial Services and General Government, Interior and Environment, and Transportation and Housing and Urban Development. 
This plan ignores the will of the House by eliminating Members’ involvement in the appropriations process.  Even more concerning, this plan will not secure our border and address the humanitarian and security crisis the President described in his speech from
the Oval Office last night.

Enclosed are one-pagers with information on the bills the House will consider this week.  If you or your staff have questions, please contact:

Johnnie Kaberle

Deputy Staff Director

Sarah Flaim

Communications Director



Kay Granger

Ranking Member

Appropriations Committee

Financial Services and General Government - H.R. 264





















Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food and Drug Administration - H.R. 265






















Interior, Environment and Related Agencies - H.R. 266






















Transportation, Housing and Urban Development - H.R. 267

Related Bill Information

Bill Type: H.R.
Bill Type: 264
Special Note: Also H.R. 265, H.R. 266 and H.R. 267

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