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Support the First Step Act

Supported by Fraternal Order of Police, the International
Association of Chiefs of Police
FreedomWorks, the National Governor’s
, National District Attorney’s Association, Faith & Freedom Coalition, and numerous others.

Dear Colleague,

I encourage you to support the First Step Act – bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation supported by President Trump as well as numerous
law enforcement and faith organizations.

With nearly half of criminals currently re-offending after their release and a ballooning prison population, it is clear that a change in our criminal justice system is necessary to save taxpayer dollars, increase community safety, and effectively utilize
prison space.

The First Step Act focuses resources on evidence-based programs to reduce recidivism, helping law enforcement make our communities safer and giving offenders a real opportunity to change their lives and become productive members of society. Further, the
First Step Act reforms federal sentencing laws that have been historically misinterpreted and misapplied, only adding to the problematic growth of our prison population without improving public safety.

Building on the success stories of states like Kentucky, Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia, as well as the wealth of law enforcement knowledge on combatting and curtailing crime, the First Step Act creates a system through which certain, eligible prisoners
are able to receive time credits toward an alternative custody arrangement, like a halfway house or home confinement, should they successfully complete recidivism reduction programming and pose a minimum or low-risk of re-offending.

In a true bipartisan effort, this bill was born out of months-long negotiations with the Trump Administration, law enforcement agencies, and our counterparts in the Senate. Now, we have an opportunity to reform the criminal justice system for the first time
in decades with an approach recognized by law enforcement, civil rights organizations, conservative and faith based groups, and many more.

The First Step Act will improve public safety and save taxpayer dollars by helping federal prisoners develop the skills they need to successfully rejoin their communities upon release. Through evidence-based programming such as education and job training,
we can make meaningful strides towards reforms that recognize the value and worth of every person while upholding the rule of law.

For more information, please contact Jon Ferro or Erica Barker in my office at 5-9893 or or



Doug Collins
Ninth Congressional District of Georgia

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