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Dear Colleague,

Please see below my letter to President Trump regarding the decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria.  I am respectfully cautioning against too precipitous a withdrawal and requesting more information on the plan going forward.  If you wish to join me and
sign the letter, please contact Andrew Braun in my office at 202-225-4422 or  I will be sending the letter by close of business tomorrow, Friday, December 21.

Doug Lamborn


Dear President Trump,

We write you to urge caution in the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, and respectfully request a briefing by Secretary Mattis and National Security Advisor Bolton on the details of this decision as soon as possible.  While we wholeheartedly share your
belief that America should not be the world’s policeman (nor should we engage in endless, open-ended conflicts with poorly defined objects), we are nevertheless concerned that too precipitous a withdrawal from Syria would deeply injure America’s interests
in the region.  

We are especially troubled by the potentially devastating consequences a hasty redeployment would have for our partners—especially our Kurdish allies.  The Syrian Democratic Forces have fought side-by-side with the U.S. military against the Islamic State
when no one else in the region was willing or able.  To abandon them at this critical moment, after they have shed so much blood and sacrificed so much to help us defeat our common enemy, would severely hamper our ability to secure allies in the future even
as it endangers the significant gains we made against ISIS.

We are also concerned about the destabilizing ambitions Iran, Turkey, and Russia have in Syria.  Even now it appears President Erdogan is preparing to occupy northern Syria and is willing to crush our Kurdish allies in the process, Iran will continue using
southern Syria as a highway linking Tehran to their Hezbollah forces, and Russia remains content to engage in whatever geopolitical activities hurt American interests.  If the United States withdraws too quickly it will create yet another power vacuum in the
Middle East, undoubtedly leading to more chaos and regional conflict which in turn fosters stateless actors like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

In short, we are concerned about the timing of this withdrawal of U.S. forces, and seek to productively engage with your administration on this most important matter.  We look forward to your response.  

Doug Lamborn

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