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Dear Colleagues:


Please join us in signing the below letter supporting foreign assistance accounts focused on energy, conservation, and climate programming. These programs help developing country allies combat wildlife
trafficking, prepare for natural disasters, deploy clean energy, and better manage forestlands.


While these programs have long bipartisan histories under Republican and Democratic presidents, we are concerned that they could be lost in the shuffle of negotiations over the final FY19 SFOPs
product. We believe these accounts help promote American national security interests, strengthen our allies, and support developing nations in their efforts to safeguard their countries’ natural resources. Further, these programs often leverage American dollars
more than 20-to-1 from other donors and private financial sources.


To join this effort, please reach out to SEEC Executive Director Maria Laverdiere at The deadline to sign on is COB this Friday, December 7.



Rep. Gerald E. Connolly
    Rep. Doris Matsui
SEEC Co-Chair                                                                  SEEC Co-Chair



Rep. Paul Tonko                              
Rep. Alan Lowenthal
SEEC Co-Chair                                                                 
SEEC Vice-Chair



Rep. Matt Cartwright                                                          Rep. Chellie Pingree
SEEC Vice-Chair                                                        
       SEEC Vice-Chair



Rep. Mike Quigley                                                             
Rep. Jared Polis

SEEC Vice-Chair                                                               
SEEC Vice-Chair




Dear Chairman and Ranking Member:


As you work to assemble final State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations legislation for Fiscal Year 2019 (FY 2019), we hope you will consider full funding for a range of important
international energy, environment, and conservation accounts.


The programs enable developing countries to care for our shared global ecosystem while strengthening American alliances, preventing conflicts, and bolstering our national security. In many cases,
these programs have years of bipartisan support under both Republican and Democratic administrations like.


As such, we would strongly urge you to include these funding levels in your legislation:


  • $135 million for international Sustainable Landscapes programs; [Bilateral Economic Assistance]
  • $179 million for Clean Energy programs; [Bilateral Economic Assistance]
  • $177 million for Adaptation programs; [Bilateral Economic Assistance]
  • $139.6 million for the Global Environment Facility (GEF). [Multilateral Assistance]        


These programs have produced real measurable benefits, while also leveraging substantial sums in co-financing from other donors. Every dollar America invests in the GEF generates another $40 from
other countries and partners. Thanks to USAID adaptation programs, 5.3 million people globally now have access to cutting-edge satellite weather data, allowing them to save lives and better respond to extreme weather events. Sustainable Landscapes programs
incent developing countries to curb deforestation while addressing rural poverty and improving the way lands are managed and harvested – leveraging up to 39 times more funding from other donors. Finally, clean energy programs like the U.S.-Africa Clean Energy
Finance Initiative (ACEF) have mobilized more than $30 for every $1 spent by the program. Indeed, Investment in in developing country energy infrastructure is expected to exceed $30 trillion over the next 25 years — a small investment of U.S. funds can help
shape that enormous market for decades to come.


These programs represent a small fraction of our foreign aid budget but provide outsize benefits to the U.S. as a global leader in smart, sustainable development. We appreciate your consideration
of this important request.




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