Sending Office: Honorable Frank Pallone, Jr.
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Urge Administration to Provide Detailed Mission Strategy for U.S. Troops in Syria and Condemn Recent Attacks


Dear Colleague:

Please join us in sending a letter to the Trump Administration regarding recent reports that the administration has embraced an expanded mission in Syria beyond the complete defeat of ISIS.

In late September, National Security Advisor John Bolton recently announced that U.S. Forces will remain in Syria “as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders and that includes Iranian proxies and militias.” This appears to contradict the Pentagon’s
previously stated military mission in Syria, which would conclude once U.S.-backed forces have fully defeated ISIS.

ISIS’s continued ability to coordinate and operate in Syria with deadly force was confirmed as recently as July 25, where an attack against the Druze community in Sweida, Syria, resulted in over 250 civilian deaths and the kidnapping of 30 others – some
of which were subsequently executed. It is concerning that the administration is conflating ISIS’s loss of territory with its complete defeat while ignoring ISIS’s sustained insurgent presence. This will continue to threaten the safety of displaced and minority
populations like the Druze.

We invite you to join us in urging the administration to immediately condemn the attack in Sweida – which it has not yet done – and to provide a detailed, comprehensive, and coherent strategy for Syria. If you would like to sign onto the letter, please contact




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