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Dear Colleague:

I urge you to join me in writing to Secretary of the Air Force
Dr. Heather Wilson to express concern over the lack of transparency into the
Air Force’s planned B-21 Raider long range strike bomber. Nearly all aspects of the B-21 are highly classified, making Congressional oversight difficult and transparency to taxpayers nearly impossible. I strongly believe that the Air Force
can protect the sensitive technical capabilities of the aircraft from disclosure while ensuring that Congress and the American people get answers on the basic facts of this program.

A recent Congressional Research Service (CRS) report on the B-21 made clear to me that we do not know enough about this plane. Estimates from the Air Force claim the plane will cost at least $550 million each but this does not include the full supply chain
or all research and development. The Air Force has stated it will need at least 100 planes, with no stated top number.  And the Air Force is using special acquisition authorities to procure the B-21, limiting Congressional and Executive oversight of the process.
The B-21 will be key to the Air Force’s bomber strength for decades, and we must ensure its acquisition is not bungled and vastly overpriced. 

This letter requests unclassified details on the B-21’s cost, production timeline, total end strength, and contract oversight, shining light on the complicated acquisition process for Congress.

If you have any questions regarding the letter, or if you would like to sign on, please contact Richard Wozniak at 202-225-3531 or
The deadline for signatures is COB Tuesday October 23, 2018.  


Jackie Speier

Member of Congress