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Dear Colleague:

I urge you to join me in writing to the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Army to request the release of an unclassified Army study on the Iraq War. According to an October 22, 2018 article in the
Wall Street Journal, in 2013, then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno commissioned a study to provide the service with detailed lessons learned from the war in Iraq.  The study was finished in 2016 but has not yet been released reportedly because
of concerns of how the Army might be portrayed and which part of the Army should have review authority. 

This report will contribute immensely to ensuring that we learn from past mistakes and that we build a future Army that is cognizant of its history and prepared for conflict. As you are aware, from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the end of the U.S. combat
mission in 2010, the United States has borne an incredible cost in Iraq, with more than 4,400 American military and civilian casualties at a financial cost of more than $800 billion. Our military, Congress, and the American people deserve nothing less than
total transparency on the lessons learned that the Army has identified.

If you have any questions regarding the letter, or if you would like to sign on, please contact Richard Wozniak at 202-225-3531 or
The deadline for signatures is COB Wednesday October 24, 2018.  



Jackie Speier

Member of Congress