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Endorsements: Veterans of Foreign Wars
(VFW) of the United States, National Trust for Historic Preservation, AMVETS, American Ex-Prisoners of War, The American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Fleet Reserve Association, United States Submarine Veterans.

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Cleaver*, Hanabusa*, Jayapal*, Poe*, Kennedy, Cook, Radewagen, Barr,
Dingell, Jenkins, Serrano, Cohen, Higgins, Coffman,
, Messer, Pascrell, P. King, Gallego, Jackson Lee,
Gonzalez, Banks, McCollum, Kilmer, Marshall.  


Dear Colleague:

In honor of the sacrifice and patriotism of our more than 4,000,000 American men and women who served in World War I, we invite
you to cosponsor H.R. 4328, the Honoring World War I Memorials Act of 2018.

The Honoring World War I Memorials Act of 2018 establishes a World War I Memorial Rehabilitation Grant Program to be administered
by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The legislation authorizes $50 million, to be awarded through grants, to eligible entities for the rehabilitation of World War I memorials throughout the United States. Grants are not to exceed 50 percent of the cost
of rehabilitating the World War I memorial as determined by the eligible entity when applying for the grant. An eligible entity includes a non-profit organization or a state or local government with direct jurisdiction over the rehabilitation of the World
War I memorial.

Given the importance of recognizing World War I and the previous support of Congress through the creation of the World War I Centennial
Commission, rehabilitating these memorials is an important step in honoring those who fought in and gave their lives during World War I. To cosponsor the Honoring World War I Memorials Act of 2018, please contact Dave Chun at 202-225-4906 or

Thank you for supporting our veterans,


Tulsi Gabbard

Member of Congress

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Bill Type: 4328
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