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Co-sponsor the Hire Student Veterans Act (H.R. 6392)

Co-sponsors (6): Rosen, Lance, Donovan, Dingell, Jackson Lee, Kildee

Endorsed by: Student Veterans of America

Dear Colleague,

Please join us in co-sponsoring the Hire Student Veterans Act (H.R. 6392), bipartisan legislation that will incentivize businesses to hire student veterans by expanding the existing Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) to apply to employers who hire veterans
using their GI Bill benefits.

Currently, the WOTC is limited in its application to hiring veterans. Employers can only qualify for WOTC’s 40% tax credit by hiring veterans who meet certain criteria, such as having a service-connected disability or being unemployed for more than four
weeks. There is also a 400-hour per year work requirement for new hires, even those enrolled in school. As the law stands, the WOTC does not adequately incentivize employers to hire student veterans part-time. Nor does it reflect the reality of today’s job
environment in which new college graduates often need part-time or summer work experience in order to obtain even an entry-level career-track job after graduation.

H.R. 6392 seeks to make two important changes to the WOTC, which will incentivize businesses to hire more student veterans, ultimately helping those who have gone from the battlefield to the classroom to move their careers forward. The Hire Student Veterans
Act would:

  • Expands the WOTC’s 40% tax credit to employers who hire veterans using their GI Bill benefits for the first $6,000 of a new employee’s first-year wages.
  • Reduce the 400-hour work requirement for the WOTC to 120 hours if a newly-hired employee is a veteran using their GI Bill benefits, allowing more student veterans to gain experience and pay the bills by working part-time in a paid internship during the
    semester or full time during the summer. This reflects the reality for many student veterans who take part-time jobs and paid internships and who may only work, for example, 15-20 hours per week for the 15 weeks of a school semester or even 40 hours per week
    for an 8-week summer.

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a co-sponsor, please contact Robert Waisanen in Congresswoman Rosen’s office at (5-3252) or Ryan McDevitt in Congressman Lance’s office at (5-5361).


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